Dr. Susan Lim founded a company called Stem Cell Technologies

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Dr. Susan Lim in 1990 became the first person ever in the history of Asia to successfully complete a liver transplant. Dr. Susan Lim is a native of Singapore and has even received awards for her medical work, marking her as an ideal role model for the 21st century. Dr. Susan Lim has lived in Singapore for a long time and was both born and education there. She attended the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School. She then went to the Raffles Institution. Singapore is not a particularly large country—consisting of sixty-three islands—but it has an outsized influence on the financial sector, medical field, and other industries.

Dr. Susan Lim went to Monash University in Australia after leaving the Raffles Institution. This is the second oldest university in Victoria, having been founded in 1958. It has one of the largest student bodies in all of Australia and is known for advanced research centers—including the Australian Stem Cell Centre.

Dr. Susan Lim founded a company called Stem Cell Technologies in 2003 that specialized in biotechnologies. In 2004, Dr. Lim was made the first Singaporean Fellow at Trinity College at the University of Melbourne, as well as the youngest Fellow ever.